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Roman Barrow 620m North of Riseholme Hall

Reference Name MLI54195

Roman Barrow 620m North of Riseholme Hall

Remains of a 1st century Roman barrow, 620m to the north of Riseholme Hall.


A substantial grass mound measuring roughly 2m high, with trees on it. A secondary cremation in a jar had been found near the surface in 1935. The mound was partially excavated by F. H. Thompson in 1952, when a 3ft wide radial, much broadened into an area of 8ft by 9ft at the centre, was dug. This excavation produced evidence of the pyre having been on the site. The dating evidence of the pottery suggested the barrow was in use AD80 to AD100 for primary and additional burials. {1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}

This is the most northerly and earliest Roman barrow yet found. {7}

This barrow lies near the top of the eastern slope of a north to south aligned valley, holding a prominent position in the landscape with visibility in all directions, especially towards Ermine Street. The barrow itself is a steep-sided mound about 2.75m in height, with a flat top. It is slightly oval in plan (although originally circular), and measures 17.5m north to south and 19.5m east to west. Partial excavation in 1952 revealed that the barrow was built in the late 1st century AD on the site of a cremation. Evidence for burning, fragments of human bone, and pottery and glass vessels were recovered from a shallow trench in the old ground surface. A secondary burial of the same period (a human cremation in a pottery vessel covered by a stone slab) was found near the surface of the mound in 1935. There is no evidence of a ditch surrounding the mound. Third and fourth century pottery finds in the vicinity indicate that the area remained occupied throughout the Roman period. The scheduled area includes a 2m boundary around the archaeological features, considered to be essential for the monument's support and preservation. {8}{9}

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9 Scheduling Record: English Heritage. 2000. Roman barrow 620m north of Riseholme Hall. 22767

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