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Roman Burials and Pottery Kiln, Cross o'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath

Reference Name MLI81422

Roman Burials and Pottery Kiln, Cross o'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath

The remains of Roman burials and a pottery kiln, found at Cross o'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath.


The remains of at least two human burials and a red clay feature were exposed in January 1991, during the construction of new offices for the North Lincolnshire Area Health Authority, at Cross o'Cliff Court. The features had been exposed during topsoil stripping of the site, and prompted an archaeological excavation. The remains of the first burial comprised a skull and a possible long bone, whilst the second comprised two long bones and disturbed bone fragments. Limestone slabs appeared to have been used to define both graves, and sherds of Roman greyware pottery were found in association with each. The clay feature was roughly hexagonal in shape, and appeared to have walls of stone. Sherds of pottery and fragments of slag were found in associaiton with the feature, which was thought to represent the remains of a kiln. {1}

Further excavation confirmed the clay feature as a kiln, which lay at the south-east corner of the construction site, and had been partially demolished before its burial. The remaining half of the kiln, flue and part of the stoke hole was excavated and recorded before the area was seeded with grass. A retaining wall was also placed on the site in order to preserve the rest of the remains. Pottery fragments found within the remains of the kiln were provisionally dated to the mid or late 3rd century. It was thought that the kiln may represent part of an industrial complex which was important to the pottery industry of Lincoln. {2}

1 Unpublished Document: I.K. George. 1991. Bracebridge Heath Site Notes and Photographs. -
2 Article in Serial: Lisa Donel. 1992. 'Bracebridge Heath Kiln' in Lincoln Archaeology. no.4, p.12

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