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Roman Coin Hoard, Market Stainton

Reference Name MLI40379

Roman Coin Hoard, Market Stainton

A hoard of Roman coins, thought to have been found on land to the west of Market Stainton.


About 400 Roman coins were ploughed up near to Market Stainton in 1938-9. The coins were discovered together with the base of a coarse jar. {1}

The coins were all of the first Tetrarchy, dating between 296 - 305 AD. An earlier hoard of Roman coins of similar date was ploughed up on land to the south of Market Stainton in 1915-6 (see PRN 40378). It was thought possible that this second hoard actually represented a lower, missed portion of the earlier hoard. The owner of Market Stainton Grange stated that this second hoard was ploughed up in the approximate location of TF 213 801, however, marking an area further to the west of Market Stainton, and the connection is unconfirmed. {2}{3}

'H.R. Mossop has drawn attention to a further series which were found whilst deep-ploughing in 1938-9. The later find consisted of about 400 coins of which 259 survive. They are mainly in fine condition; in a number of cases corrosion has produced small rouleaux of coins, which when separated, show signs of their original plating.'
A list of the surviving 259 coins was made, showing that they were all folles, ranging from Diocletian to Galerius (284 - 311 AD).
The base of the coarse jar found with the coins was of a 'fabric typical of much pottery found on the eastern Wolds of Lincolnshire'. The pottery comprised 'four large fragments making up the base and lower part of the vessel, with 12 small fragments of the body. The clay is very hard grey with a darker slip inside and outside, and a brownish surface over the grey outside. There is a faint lattice pattern on the side. The inside is stained green from the coins. The base is 2.75" wide, and has a fotostand with a raised knob inside.' {4}

1 Article in Serial: MOSSOP, J.C.. 1958. NUMISMATIC CHRONICLE. vol.XVIII, pp.59-71, illustration
2 Index: Ordnance Survey. Ordnance Survey Card Index. TF 28 SW: 15, 1964, Featherston, K.J.A.
3 Article in Serial: ROBERTSON, A.S.. 1938. GRANTHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY AND MUSEUM ANNUAL REPORT. no.17, pp.14-6, illustration p.2
4 Bibliographic Reference: Robertson, Anne S.. 2000. An Inventory of Romano-British Coin Hoards. no.979, pp.236-7

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