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Romano-British settlement, Rippingale

Reference Name MLI30042

Romano-British settlement, Rippingale

Romano-British settlement, Rippingale


PRN 30042
Group of small ditched enclosures and droves, with fields to south and west, seen on aerial photographs visited February 1952. Pottery, predominantly 3rd-4th century, fragments of disc and beehive querns, animal bones, fire-cracked flints etc, were found over twelve sites of very dark soil on small hillocks divided by ditched hollows on the western edge of a gravel island surrounded by fen silts and clays.{1}{2}{3}
An undulating area of plough with variable coloured surface. Colour-coated and grey ware sherds were found evenly spread over the whole area; individual concentrations could not be established. The majority of Mrs Hallam's material is in the City and County Museum, Lincoln.{1}
Group of small rectangular enclosures on either side of a system of droves which run east to west and north east to south west. Around this are blocks of rectangular fields. Late 2nd-late 4th century pottery found on surface.{5}{6}{7}
The scheduled area is a parallelogram whose southern edge is 1,290 ft long and whose western edge is 1,610 feet long.{5}
In 1985 the Fenland Survey recorded eight distinct sites, the largest of which consists of at least three overlapping cropmarks. This site at TF1548 2822 produced the greatest quantity of material including possible late Iron Age and Romano-Saxon sherds. {8}

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5 Scheduling record: HBMC. 1970. AM 7. SAM 221
7 Map: HALLAM, S.J.. 1970. The maps for ‘Settlement around the Wash’ in The Fenland in Roman Times. MAP 2 SHEET B
8 Bibliographic reference: Hayes, P. P. and Lane, T. W.. 1992. The Fenland Project No.5: Lincolnshire Survey, the South-West Fens. Pages 76-85; RIP 4-11

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