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Ruins of Bayons Manor, Tealby

Reference Name MLI50614

Ruins of Bayons Manor, Tealby

Bayons Manor was built by Charles Tennyson d'Enycourt in 1836-42. It was demolished in 1965 following years of neglect after its use by the army during the Second World War.


Only a few fragments of this house remain. It was demolished in 1965. It was built between 1836 and 1842 by Charles Tennyson D'eyncourt. The house was a picturesque, romantic medieval castle on an operatic scale, complete with inner and outer defences. The architect was Tennyson D'eyncourt himself with W. A. Nicholson. {1}{2}{3}

The ruins of Bayon's Manor include the remains of an icehouse and the east gateway with a joining wall, and a fragmentary north curtain wall. An overgrown heap of rubble to the west is all that remains of the keep. It was built in about 1840. For the full description and the legal address of this listed building please refer to the appropriate List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. {4}

The house was occupied by troops during the Second World War, and was sold in 1944. After many years of neglect it was blown up in 1964. {5}

This country house was built in about 1840, to designs by William Nicholson, as a castellated mansion with a moat, machicolated and embattled towers, curtain-wall and great hall with a hammer-beam roof. It was situated on rising ground to provide a picturesque scene and to give the widest views. {6}

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