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Ruins of a papermill, Tealby

Reference Name MLI52814

Ruins of a papermill, Tealby

Ruins of a papermill, Tealby


The last surviving remnants of four paper mills in the village. The ruins consist mainly of a few courses of brickwork delineating the mill, the boundary walls, the mill race and the site of stampers, and what may have been a rag store. A two storey chimney survives from the later domestic use of the site. It was built about 1791, shown on a map of the village dated 1792, possibly by Michael Grasham or Grassham. The mill had a number of operators until ceasing production in 1836. The area was then taken into the Bayons Manor parkland, and part of the mill was converted into a house. A two storey chimney survives as a relic of this domestic use. There is a photo from the Exley collection of it in use taken in 1939. In 1975 it was much the same as it is today. Currently (1992) being researched as part of a project to consolidate the remains and interpret them for public access. Michael Grasham was owner/operator until 1799; Christopher Dunsdale until 1816; Wm Cooper and David Parker until January 1830; Christopher Dunsdale until December 1830; Hercules Barton until 1832. {1}{2}{3}
Springside Mill later known as Lower Papermill was located 700 yards (640m) north east of Tealby Church (PRN 50609) at TF 162 910. The early Ordnance Survey maps show a spring near the mill which was presumably the reason for its original name. A mill is identified on Bryant's map of 1828. The mill was in existence by 1768 and continued to work until c. 1837 when Charles Tennyson d'Eyncourt wanted to convert it to tenement buildings. In 1861 it may have been known as Dinsdals Mill. {4}{5}
There is a disparity over the location of the various paper mills on the river Rase between sources 3 and 4. Source records the mill at TF 162 910 as High Papermill (PRN 55557). See also PRN 55558. {3}

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5 Map: Ordnance Survey. 1824. Ordnance Survey first edition one inch to the mile map (Lincolnshire). Sheet 29

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