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Settlement of Dembleby

Reference Name MLI90895

Settlement of Dembleby

The settlement of Dembleby is first mentioned in the Domesday Book and survives to the present day


PRN 65038
[This record contains information from PRNs 62701 and 62702, now deleted.]
Dembleby is first mentioned in the Domesday Book. Land there belonged to Gilbert de Gand, Colsuain and Guy of Craon. There was a minumum population of 25 sokemen, 4 bordars and 2 villeins. {1}
The name Dembleby is of Old Norse and Old Danish origin and probably means 'the farmstead, village by the pool'. {2}
The Lay Subsidy of 1334 lists Dembleby's wealth as £2 14s 1/4d, below average for its wapentake (Aveland). {3}
The Diocesan Return of 1563 records 11 households resident at Dembleby. {4}
By the late 17th/early 18th century there were 9 or 10 families in residence. {5}
In 1801, the parish's population was 50 people, rising to 84 in 1851 before falling again to 51 by 1901. {6}
The landowners of Dembleby from medieval times to the 19th century are discussed by Trollope. {8}
Earthwork and cropmark remains of medieval settlement (PRN 65038a) are visible to the north of the village on aerial photographs, and a small area of ridge and furrow (PRN 65038b) is visible to the south. {7}
Possible settlement earthworks (PRN 65038c) are also reported in the area of the old church at TF 038 378 (although this area is also thought to be the site of a possible manor house - see PRN 60832). {9}{10}

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