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Shearman's Wath Henge, West Ashby

Reference Name MLI43568

Shearman's Wath Henge, West Ashby

Shearman's Wath Henge, 330m north of Thimbleby Mill, West Ashby.


Cropmarks of a single ring ditch with a concentric ring of post holes or pits outside the ditch and with opposed entrances. {1}{2}

A class II henge lying about 150m east of the river Bain on the edge of the flood plain on glacial sands and gravels. The oval cropmark encloses an area about 25m in diameter and has a distinct, broad, entrance facing north-west. A smaller, less distinct entrance lies opposite; the cropmark is obscured here because a plough furrow crosses at a critical point. Further less prominent breaks in the ditch near the south-east entrance suggest a segmented ditch construction. The aerial photographs show no sign of a bank but the ditch is encircled by a series of pits, at least twenty-four in number; some of these are obscured by glacial markings, but they appear to be evenly spaced and do not respect the entrances. The pits may have accommodated wooden posts or, perhaps, upright stones but there are no visible remains on the ground as the monument is ploughed out. Fieldwalking in 1981 produced forty-one worked pieces of local glacial flint from the vicinity of the henge, identified by Peter Chowne as comprising thirty-two flakes, four cores, two horse-shoe scrapers, one side-ended scraper and two notched flakes. The collection would not be out of place within a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age context. {3}{4}

A retouched blade, side scraper or projectile point, probably Bronze Age was found in February 1990 during a site visit. {5}

1 Scheduling Record: HBMC. AM 7. SAM 265
2 Aerial Photograph: ST JOSEPH, J.K.S.. 1945-79. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY COLLECTION. BCG 82-84, 1970
3 Article in Serial: White, A. J.. 1982. 'Archaeology in Lincolnshire, 1981' in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology. vol.17, pp.76-7
5 Verbal Communication: Catney, S.J.. 1994. Information from Steve Catney. -

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