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Testament and last will of Christopher Willughby kt., lord of Willoughby and Eresby

Reference Name 2-ANC/3/A/25

1. Body to be buried by his father before the high altar of the church of the nuns of Campsay.
2. 20s. to the prioress of Campsey, 6s. 8d. to every old nun and 3s.4d. to every young nun and 40s. to the master of the chantry, there and 10s. to every priest there to singe requiem and dirige.
3. £6.13.4 to the Black Friars in Ipswich, 100 shillings to the Austen friars of Orford and 40 shillings each to all other houses of friars in Ipswich, Dunwich, Yarmouth and Gorleston, for the repair of their churches and houses and for praying for his and all Christian souls, of this each friar is to have 4d.
4. 40s. to the high altar of Parham church, for tithes forgotten, £6.13.4d. to the repair of Parham church.
5. 20s. for a new antiphonary and for repairs to the church of Haston.
6. 4d. to every priest, 2d. to every poor man, 1d. to every poor child present at his burial.
7. 500 masses to be said immediately after his death.
8. 20 marks or £20 to make a tomb for himself and his wife and 10 marks to the tomb of Robert, late lord Willughby at Metingham.
9. £20 to the house of Campsey and £20 to the house of Metyngham and to every priest who is a fellow there 10s. and 10s. to every old man in Bruisyard (Brosuerd) and 3s.4d. to every novice there. 10 marks to Dame Jane Willughby of Bruisyard 6s.8d. to every friar there. 5 marks to Dame Elizabeth Willughby at Campsey.
10. To dame Margery his wife half his plate and jewells except his great gold chain and half his household goods, as she choose.
11. Eldest son William, the other half of plate jewels and household goods, with all remaining goods. He is not to upset his father's will about the marrying of his daughters and payment of his debts.
12. Aunt Margery Mekilford, £5.
13. Sister Hotoft 20 marks and his daughter Kateryne Haiden 40 marks and the gold chain she has.
14. Young Henry Heydon (sic) 10 marks, his sister Margery 10 marks, Christopher Haidon, £20.
15. Thomas Baynyard 10 marks and the master of Benndish 10 marks.
16. Brother sir Henry Heidon kt., a black velvet gown new and to his wife Dame Ann a gown of saven
17. William Makilfield 10 marks.
18. 20s. to Bawdsey church for repairs and the same to Wikham church and 40s. each to Ufford and Combes; 13s.4d. to Stowe and 10s. to Bradfield, 13s.4d. to Petistre 20s. to Roughton, 20s. to Edgefield churches 40s. to the prior and convent of Woodbridge 13s.4d. each to Woodbridge, Knotsdale and Thebton, churches 6s.8d. to Buxlawe church, 20s. to Knotsale church for John Rawe's death, 20s. to the abbot and 20s. to the convent of Leiston, 20s. each to this prior and convent of Bultey.
19. All arrears of wages to his servants 8s.4d. to John Parker, 40s. to Robert Chamber, 20s. to Robert Colvile, 20s. to Robert Hasille and John Crosse, William Smyth, 13s. 4d. to William Clifton, Jamys ... 40s. to Thomas Whetecrofte, Thomas Raisshe 53s. 4d., 20s. to Thomas Rodeley, John Sympsonne, George Bowman, 40s. to William Fete and 10s. to William Fete's wife, 6s.8d. Richard Coke and to Bolle of the Bakhowse and his son, 6s.8d. to Walter Hogon, John Dede and ... Rogerson, Robert Case, 10s. to Hugh Dikes and John Sax, 6s.8d. John Smyth and John Ferrer and Bacon, 100s. Elizabeth Bacon, 13s.4d. to Agnes Grymston, 10 marks to nephew Wm. Genny who is his godson. £10 in lieu of an annuity to Dame Ann Coo of Bruisyerd.
Executors his wife Dame Margaret, James Hobert, Edmund Jeny, John Haidon and sir Richard Braundi clerk.
Remains of seal.

Date: 1 Nov 1498

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]


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