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Turrent Maintenance Building, RAF Theddlethorpe

Reference Name MLI125124

Turrent Maintenance Building, RAF Theddlethorpe

Former turret maintenance and stores building at RAF Theddlethorpe. Now ruinous.


Former turret maintenance and stores building at RAF Theddlethorpe. Photographs of the building were taken in June 2012, during site visits conducted for the Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey. The structure is a large rectangular building, and is built of rendered red brick with a flat corrugated sheet metal roof. The walls are supported by regular buttresses and have an inner facing of concrete blocks. The building was constructed in 1940, when the adjacent turret firing range was laid out to the east. The structure was used to house the military training turrets when not in use, together with their maintenance workshops and an ammunition store. The building is in a ruinous condition, having partially collapsed. {1}

1 Intervention Report: Humber Field Archaeology. 2013. Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire: Phase 3, Field Survey and Historical Assessment. TS9, TS27

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