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Brasenose College gate, St Paul's Street, Stamford

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Reference Name MLI35035

Brasenose College gate, St Paul's Street, Stamford

Brasenose College gate, St Paul's Street, Stamford


PRN 35053
A late 13th century gateway of 5 orders. Detached shafts with the 2nd and 4th missing. It is set in the garden wall in the south side of St Paul's Street, just west of the corner of Brasenose Lane. Traditionally belonging to the site occupied by Brasenose College when the University of Oxford migrated to Stamford. {1}

The gate was rebuilt into the garden wall in 1688 when the buildings of the college were finally demolished. The site is scheduled. {2}

A gateway comprising a pointed, deeply moulded arch of 5 orders, with detached shafts. These shafts are in poor condition, some virtually worn away, and deteriorating at the base and the remains of the stiff leaf capitals are just recognisable. The masonry, originally a cream colour, is now much blackened and there is a covering of lichen in places. Above the arch is a protective roof. The wooden door is in good condition with a metal knocker apparently a replica of the original. The arch is set into a stone garden wall and there is a descriptive metal plaque bearing the inscription, 'The gateway of Brasenose Hall demolished 1688. The present door and knocker were given by a fellow of Brasenose College to record the succession of students of Brasenose Hall, Oxford to this place 1333-5. The original knocker, of which this is a replica, was here until 1890 and is now in Brasenose College Hall'. {3}

For the full description and the legal address of this listed building please refer to the appropriate List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. {4}

The 'Brazenose Gate' is 13th century and belonged to a medieval house which was demolished in the late 17th century. It may be in situ and there are no structural indicators of it having been moved, however documentary evidence tells that it was rebuilt in a new position in 1688. It has long been associated in popular imagination with the secession from Oxford University in 1333. The original door handle was removed to Brasenose College, Oxford in 1890. {5}

This greatly damaged fragment of medieval stonework consists of a mid 13th century pointed doorway. It was therefore already in existence when Oxford students moved to Stamford in the early 14th century. It is known to have been rebuilt on several occasions. {7}

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