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West Common, Lincoln

Reference Name MLI97529

West Common, Lincoln

West Common was recognised as common land in the Enclosure Award of 1803, although it had been common land long before that. It has been used for agriculture, quarrying, leisure and military activities.


PRN 71061
West Common was formally identified in the Enclosure Act of 1803, however it had likely been common land for a long time prior to that. Like many commons, land on West Common appears to have been used for a variety of purposes as well as providing pasture. Remains of narrow ridge and furrow cultivation of probable Napoleonic date are visible on areas of the common, indicating some arable use. Numerous quarrying earthworks are also visible, indicating small-scale quarrying at various times. The common has also been used for leisure activities including horse racing (see PRN 71060 and PRN 70953), cricket, football and golf. In 1907 the Royal Agricultural Show was held there, and other events such as fairs and gatherings may also have taken place. During the First World War it became an airfield (see PRN 71059) and in the Second World War anti-aircraft defences were constructed there (see PRN 70483). A hospital, swimming baths and brickworks are amongst the structures which have been built (although they are no longer present) on former areas of the common. {1}{2}{3}{5}

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