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The Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record

The Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (HER)is a record of information about archaeological sites, archaeological finds and standing historic buildings in Lincolnshire. The records in the HER include buildings like Lincoln Cathedral and Tattershall Castle, sites such as Lincolnshire’s airfields of the second world war and archaeological finds that have been made in Lincolnshire such as Roman coins, prehistoric stone tools and medieval pottery. The HER also holds information on scheduled ancient monuments, listed buildings, conservation areas, battlefields and parks and gardens.

The information in the HER comes from a variety of sources. It can come from excavation reports, from surveys of earthworks in a field, from aerial photographs of markings visible in growing crops, from studying old buildings or from letters and conversations with local people who know about the area where they live.

Who uses the HER?

The HER is mainly used as a planning tool and is used within the planning system to ensure that the impact of new buildings and other development on the historic environment is given careful consideration. In this way it can help to protect Lincolnshire’s historic buildings and archaeology. Although this is its main use the HER is also used by all kinds of other people. These include members of the public who are interested in where they live or want to expand their knowledge of Lincolnshire. Students and academic researchers make extensive use of the HER. Also archaeologists, historic building specialists, developers and local authorities find the HER invaluable.

Everyone is welcome to visit the HER.

How can I use the HER?

Whether you are a professional or just someone who wants to find out a little more about the archaeology of Lincolnshire, the HER staff will make sure that you find the information you need quickly and easily. If you are researching your town, your parish, your village, your street or even your house, then the HER is a good place to start.

The HER has a computerised database, which comprises nearly thirty thousand records, and acts as an index to the rest of the HER. This computerised database can be searched as part of the collections on this website and will give you information and perhaps some further references to the archaeology and historic buildings in Lincolnshire.

To use the HER more fully it will be necessary to arrange a visit to the offices of the HER. The HER has a reference library of local books and journals, thousands of aerial photographs, hundreds of archaeological reports, photographs and maps. Everything held in the HER is available to visitors to help them with their research.

There are charges made for commercial use of the HER.

Appointments to visit the HER can be made by contacting the HER staff in Lincoln.

Telephone 01522 782070 and ask for the Historic Environment Record or e-mail lincssmr@lincolnshire.gov.uk.

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Last updated: 23 February 2011

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