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Lincolnshire Windmills

People have harnessed wind power for thousands of years and one of the most effective and visually striking examples of this is provided by windmills.

“A windmill is simply a mill that is powered by the wind. It uses the energy that it derives from the wind and converts it into power to help produce such things as flour from wheat grains and pump water from low lying fens into drainage dykes and more recently electricity.”

Lincolnshire’s landscape is ideal for windmills and at one time or another it is thought that the county could boast more than 500. Remains of 136 windmills can still be found today.


  • Peter Dolmans (1986) Lincolnshire Windmills - a contemporary survey   (ISBN 0861111265)
  • Rex Wailes (1991) Lincolnshire Windmills - parts one and two

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