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A History of the World

A History of the World is a unique partnership between the British Museum, the BBC and museums, schools and audiences across the UK.

It celebrates objects that have been made, and which have a story to tell. After all, even the most ordinary things can have the most extraordinary stories.

Inspired by the Radio 4 series A History of the World in 100 Objects, which looks at the stories behind influential global objects from the British Museum, museums around the country have teamed up with the BBC in their area and chosen over 600 objects from their own collections that reflect world history from each area’s perspective. Museums in Lincolnshire, in partnership with BBC Radio Lincolnshire, have chosen 10 objects that tell A History of the World for our area – stories that not only have an interesting local significance but also an international connection.

Listeners and viewers of local BBC radio and television can also suggest their own items that have a local or global story to tell. Together, we can build one of the biggest online museums in the world. To find out more about this exciting project visit bbc.co.uk/local and to upload your own images visit bbc.co.uk/ahistoryoftheworld

The objects featured below are the 10 original objects chosen by museums in Lincolnshire.

  • Photo of Snow Shoes as worn by Captain John Franklin

    Snow Shoes

    A pair of snow shoes used by Captain John Franklin (1786-1847) on his expedition to the Arctic

  • Oil Painting of Parisian Dancers

    Oil Painting of Parisian dancers

    This painting is by William Tom Warrener, the son of a wealthy Lincoln coal merchant.

  • Photo of a Roman Tombstone

    Roman tombstone

    A Roman tombstone depicting a young boy holding a hare

  • Photo of a Walrus ivory seal matrix

    11th Century seal matrix

    The matrix is of walrus ivory, and depicts a monk praying, with the hands of God blessing him from the cloud

  • Photo of a medieval wool weight

    Wool weight

    The wool trade was of immense importance to the wealth of Medieval England

  • Photo of Balaklava Bugle

    The Balaclava Bugle

    The Balaclava Bugle was used to sound the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade on 25th October 1854

  • Photo of an Alms Badge

    Alms Badge

    Alms badge from the Sir Joseph Banks Almshouses linked to the Revesby estate

  • Photo of a World War One tank

    World War 1 Tank Daphne

    William Tritton, managing director of engineering firm Wm Foster & Co in Lincoln, and Major Walter Wilson invented the tank

  • Photo of an Avro Lancaster PA 474

    Avro Lancaster PA 474

    Entering active service in 1942, the Lancaster was the main bomber aircraft used by Bomber Command

  • Photo of Margaret Thatcher’s famous blue wool suit

    Blue wool suit

    This suit was worn by Margaret Thatcher for her formal Downing Street portrait photograph

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Last updated: 17 February 2011

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