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There is evidence from documents that Grantham Castle was granted to Edmund, Duke of York, in 1363.  It is thought to have stood north east of the church near the confluence of the Mowbeck and Witham rivers.  There is no other evidence for the castle in Grantham.  It may not have been a castle in the way that we normally think of castles; for instance with a motte and bailey, or large stone walls.  It may have been a manor house and farm buildings surrounded by a moat.

Castles were very important to the lords who owned them, and they ran their lands and estates from them.  Castles were also a chance to show off their rank and power.  They had large numbers of staff working in them to look after the land and buildings, to work in the kitchens and stables and so on.  Lords were often absent from their castles for much of the time, and took many of their staff with them. 

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Last updated: 3 March 2011

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