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Emotions in Motion KS2

This learning package is based around a bronze sculpture ‘A Mighty Blow for Freedom’ by Michael Sandle which stands outside The Usher Gallery, Lincoln and refers to other sculptures in the gallery.

The package contains resources and activities that explore how emotions and movement can be represented in art for key stage 2 but can be adapted for other key stages

All images and resources are available within the learning package. This resource can be used as part of a stand alone classroom lesson or in conjunction with a visit to the gallery.

The resources and activities are for KS2 Art & Design. They are framed around QCA topic-based schemes of work, but could easily be adapted to a more skills-based approach. They also support cross-curricular work in Citizenship, ICT and Literacy.

Learning Objectives

  • To question and make thoughful observations
  • To explore how movement can be expressed in art, in particular sculpture
  • To improve knowledge of an individual artist and his work
  • To develop research and investigation skills
  • To be aware of and comment on topical issues within the media
  • To understand that artists use their own work to comment on topical issues within the media
  • To use ICT software and equipment to create own work through annimation
  • To develop new and existing ICT skills
  • To develop creative skills and produce own art work
  • To reflect on own work and comment on others

Look at sculpture

Look at the different images of Michael Sandle’s Sculpture and use the following discussion points to aid pupils observation of the art work.

  • Look at how Michael Sandle has constructed his piece.
  • How has he created the 3D effect?
  • What materials has Michael Sandle used to create this piece?
  • Ask and discuss with the children what shapes have made up the sculpture.
  • Discuss and act out the movement in the sculpture.
  • What is the sculpture doing?
  • How has Michael Sandle conveyed emotion in this piece?
  • What emotions are being expressed?
  • The artist thought about making the sculpture a female figure. What difference do you think this would have made to someone looking at the sculpture?

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Last updated: 9 March 2011

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