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Reference Name LINRM : 1994/411/1-5

five World War Two medals relating to Mr J.H. Fitch; 1939 - 1945 Star; The Defence Medal ; War Medal 1939 = 1945; Special Constabulary Long Service Medal all attached to a pin; Dunkerque 1940; also the Dunkerque medal which is in a white card box;

orange & black & green; the ribbon is said to symbolise Englands 'green and pleasent land' under blackout (black stripes) and air attack (orange stripe)

shows the crown on the stump of an Oak tree with 2 lions, in addition are the dates 1939 and 1945, and, usually, the title of the medal in full in the exergue (small space below the main emblem)

uncrowned head of George VI plus inscription

dark blue & red & sky blue (representing the three services)

plain and usually issued unnamed to the British Forces. Stars awarded to South African, Indian and Australian recipients were named or personalised by their own governments.

bronze 6 pointed star shaped medal, the sixth point carries the suspension ring; inscribed with 'The 1939-1945 Star' and 'GRI' topped by a crown

red & blue & white colours of Great Britain

a lion standing in triumph over a double-headed dragon

crowned head of George VI

central re stripe with two white and one black on either side

for/faithful/service/in the/special/constabulary

uncrowned head of George Vl

Physical Dimensions:

  • diameter: 35mm

Material: cupro-nickel

Quantity: 1

Colour: silver


unit: Lincolnshire Regiment


Further information can be found at: History and heritage

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